Dries Van Gorp - Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
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Dries Van Gorp

Property Manager

Dries (Code name Sebulba), a man from Belgium.
After finding a lovely girl in Edgewood, Dries soon after found a job Keefer in the beautiful Monashee mountains. An electrician by trade, Dries is able to take on any task Keefer requires. He is a real life "Handy Harry" (as they would say in Belgium). Dries enjoys the opportunities that Keefer provides to contstantly learn in work as well as the extra curricular activies that are possible after work, like fishing in Keefer Lake or exploring the mountains on his sled or his Razor. Fresh in the role as Property Manager, Dries knows all the ins and outs of of the lodge and property is looking forward meeting our guest this winter, and being part of creating the unforgettable experience that is Keefer.