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Guest Information Guide

Welcome to Gostlin Keefer lake lodge

Nestled deep within the Monashee Mountain Range, where the Kootenay and Okanagan regions converge at an elevation of 1400 meters, you'll discover a Catski lodge that stands as a testament to a dream and a cherished legacy. Perched along the southern shores of Keefer Lake, the Gostlin family's secluded and pristine property beckons 8.5 acres of luxurious serenity and over 35,000 hectares of back country adventure. Owner & founder Jeff Gostlin, a ski guide for over 20 years has meticulously assembled a team that brings the best the industry has to offer, adjacent to the best in five-star backcountry lodge life. No matter the occasion, Keefer is ready to host you!

As you get settled in your room, we invite you take a tour through our Guest Guide.

Along with important safety information, this guide includes details on what to expect from your stay here at Keefer Lake Lodge.

Every one of us truly hopes your stay is a once in a lifetime experience, please feel free to reach out to any staff member with requests to better your stay, in any way!

Table of Contents


Our Team
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Massage Services
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Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi Calling
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Drinking Water
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The Facilities
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House Rules & Considerations
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Illness While at the Lodge
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Emergency Information (Fire Procedures and Muster Points)
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Onward Travel & Last Minute Changes
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Guest Tabs
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Tipping and Gratuities
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Guest Feedback
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Thank You!
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A Day (or Four) in the Life of a Cat Skier
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Our Snow Cats
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The Terrain
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Rescue Training
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Catski Etiquette
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The Gear & Safety Equipment
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Radio Use
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Catski Rebooking Policy
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Catski Terms & Conditions
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Lodge Life
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Live Local, Source Local
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Journey to Carbon Neutral
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Summer Program
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about your stay

Our Team

Massage Services

We have two massage therapists available at the lodge for the duration of your stay.Massages are available from 3:30pm – 10:15pm daily throughout your stay (except for arrival night).

Massages may be booked via the sign-up sheet, which is located on the large barrel, in the lobby of the Black Bear Lodge.

The spots available fill up quickly so if you are interested, be sure to sign up early!

Massage Prices

                30 mins                $65 + taxes (CAD)

                45 mins                $95 + taxes (CAD)

                60 mins                $125 + taxes (CAD)

wi-fi & Wi-fi calling

We have recently upgraded our Wi-Fi to Starlink, so guests can enjoy excellent Wi-Fi facilities*. The Guest Wi-Fi network is available to join without a password.

There is however no cellular service at the lodge so if you wish to make or receive phone calls there are a few options available to you:

  1. You can set-up Wi-Fi-Calling* on your mobile device prior to arriving at Keefer which will enable you to make and receive calls & text messages from your personal number.

*Please note Wi-Fi Calling can only be set-up whilst you mobile has cellular service and is connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Guests are welcome to use our lodge phone to make calls. Simply speak to a member of the team and they will be happy to assist you.
  2. Wi-Fi based applications like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger should work without issue if you are connected to our Wi-Fi.

Being off-grid our Wi-Fi connection is paramount to our safe operations and being able to communicate with emergency services in an emergency. For this reason, we must ensure there is always ample bandwidth for our operations, and kindly ask that you avoid streaming or downloading HD videos. If you are streaming videos and incurring buffering issues, it maybe that we have had to limit the bandwidth available on certain services such as Netflix, to preserve bandwidth for vital operations.

Our Wi-Fi facilities are plugged in via USPs so that in case of a power outage, our Wi-Fi and communication portals remain intact.

Drinking Water

All our tap water is drawn from Keefer Lake, which is filtered through an advanced filtration system. Therefore, all tap water is the same and suitable for drinking.

The Facilities


Our Twisted Post bar is open daily from 3pm to midnight and hosts a full array of delights to reward you after a long day of shredding.

We offer 8 rotating beers on tap, all sourced from local craft breweries in and around the Okanagan. We also have a selection of craft, domestic and international beers, and cider offerings in cans.

Have a favourite cocktail? Ask our bartender what special renditions they know to further enhance your favourite tipple.

We also have dedicated Tequila and Scotch menus; in case you have a taste for the finer things.


Grab yourself some schwag! Our retail shop is open until midnight daily. We have a range of products from Gostlin Creative Apparel, Uscape Apparel, Arcteryx, Smith, Pit Viper, Smartwool, Norrona, Bnth and our local health and beauty company Back to Earth.

If you have any questions on sizes, please speak to the Lodge Manager.

Hot Tub, Sauna, and Spa Services

The hot tub is open for your use every day from 3pm until 10pm. We ask that you do not take glass onto the hot tub deck, as broken glass means a complete shut down and drain of the system for safety reasons. Please ask your server or bartender for plastic cups for your drinks. We also have a handheld radio dedicated to the hot tub area, so that you can order drinks from the bar without even leaving the tub! Also, cannonballing into the hot tub is frowned upon for obvious safety reasons.

The Sauna is heated by a wood burning stove and is ready for guest use by the time your snow cat arrives back to Keefer Base. Please feel free to stoke and feed the sauna with the firewood provided under the benches. It is an amazing and relaxing experience that can be enhanced by pouring a light amount of water on the rocks to add humidity.

White hot tub and sauna towels are available by the sauna entrance hall as well as by the sliding doors that lead out to the hot tub deck. Water is also available by the sliding doors to re-hydrate after your session.

Games Room

Downstairs in the Black Bear Lodge is our games room. Please feel free to enjoy a game of darts, pool, foosball, or ping-pong! NO drinks on the pool table and please be cautious when using the wooden shelves - they are slippery!

If you're looking for a classic Keefer favourite - ask one of our team about our house game CRUD!

Boot Room

Both of our lodges have fully equipped boot rooms, where each guest will find a locker with their name. This locker is yours for the duration of your trip, so please make yourself at home!

Our heated drying racks will ensure all your wet gear is warm and dry ready for your next day on the mountain.

Please remember – Ski boots must stay in the boot rooms!


All buildings at Keefer Lake lodge are vape and smoke-free. We have a designated smoking tree adjacent to the Black Bear lodge (which provides lovely coverage when it is snowing).

As you exit the front door of the Black Bear Lodge, simply turn left, and make your way to the first big tree you see. You will find an ashtray to dispose of your butts.

house rules & considerations

Indoor shoes only please whilst you are inside the lodge. Our floors are delicate and extremely slippery when wet. Ski boots and outdoor shoes are not permitted in any room other than the boot room (our floors thank you!). The floors are all heated and although its wonderfully comfortable to walk around in your socks, we do recommend wearing slippers.

Quite time in Black Bear Lodge is 10pm; please be considerate of your noise levels when you choose to indulge in festivities, please be respectful of your neighbours when making your way around the lodge.

Both lodges and your room are heated through a series of glycol loops in the concrete floors. The Black Bear Lodge and cat shop are heated by 2 wood burners that are operational 24hrs a day, starting in October and burning until May. The Pinnacles Lodge is heated the same way but with 2 propane burners. Any adjustments made to the thermostats takes time for the zones to heat up, sometimes a few hours. Maxing out the thermostat will not heat your room up faster than setting the thermostat to the desired temperature. The thermostat regulates the temperature of the room by controlling the flow of glycol, not the temperature of the glycol.

“Nothing goes down the toilet that hasn’t gone through your body first, except this toilet paper. Our septic system thanks you.” You will read this a lot as you visit the washrooms around the lodge. These signs and actions are necessary as we are on a closed septic system here at Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge, and considering our proximity to Keefer Lake means we must be diligent in keeping anything out of the system that may cause it to fail; this includes sanitary products, Kleenex/tissue, and condoms. Please use the waste receptacles provided.


Illness while at the lodge

If you become ill at all during your stay, please let the Lodge Manager know as soon as possible. We do ask that anyone who becomes sick, self-isolates in their room, as viruses can spread quite quickly in this intimate environment. We can organize food to be delivered to your room and if necessary, transportation to the nearest town with a doctor for treatment or testing.


When you head out for your day in the mountains, our hard-working little housekeeping elves will be scurrying around to get your room and all lodges clean and shiny for your return.

Housekeeping will typically make-up your room everyday which includes making your bed, emptying the garbage, and taking away any dirty dishes. If you wish to forgo this service, please use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hanger in your room and no-one will enter your room.

Our housekeepers will respect your belongings when in the room and work around any items left on the bed or any areas of the room.

If you require fresh towels at all during your stay, please ask or leave your dirty ones on your shower/bathtub floor and we will replace them for you.

If you require an extra pillow, blanket or hairdryer, or clothing iron during your stay, please ask any lodge staff member and they will assist you.

If you need personal laundry done during your stay, please let one of our staff members or the lodge manager know, and we will be happy to put a load through for you.

Living Off Grid

As you may have noticed on your wild drive in, we are completely off-grid! While we have a sustainably focused power system, please be mindful of the power you use.

Your cooperation helps reduce our power consumption and like everything on our planet, it’s the small things that matter. Things like turning off the lights when you leave your room or unplugging your phones and laptops, instead of leaving them plugged in all day, really make a huge difference.

All these little things help us provide a greener off grid experience for all our guests.

Fire Procedures and Muster Points

In the event of a fire in any of the buildings, you will hear an audible alarm as well as see a visual alarm for those guests with hearing impairment. At this time, you will gather warm outdoor clothing and exit the building via the nearest fire exit. DO NOT use the elevator. Once you have exited the building, please make your way to our Muster Station. Our muster point for any building evacuation is located on the driveway at the entrance to the property. See map below. As you walk down the driveway, you will see two large yellow signs on our equipment shed building that say, "Muster Point". Once everyone has assembled, the Lodge Manager will do a head count and determine if every guest and staff member on property is accounted for. At this time, you are requested to remain at the muster point until an all clear has been called or until further instructions are given.

Onward Travel & Last Minute Changes

You will have hopefully arrived at Keefer in style, either on one of our shuttles, or as a self-driver. If for any reasons your departure travel plans change, please do let us know so we can best assist you in re-arranging your onward journey:

Jumping on the Shuttle
If you came in by car or private transfer but would like to jump on the Apres Tours shuttle, please inform the Guest Relations team or the Lodge Manager so they can make the necessary arrangements to organize you a seat on the outbound shuttle.

Jumping in with a Friend
If you were booked to depart on the shuttle but decide to travel out in a private vehicle with a buddy, please let our team know, so we can ensure your bags don’t get put on the shuttle by mistake.

Private Transfer
If you require a private transfer out, we recommend West Kelowna Cabs as an excellent service provider. One-way, a transfer from Keefer to Kelowna is approx. $365 CAD. This is something you can book directly with them, or if you let us know your departing details including flight number, time, and end destination, we can book a transfer for you and add the total amount to your final bill upon check-out.

Guest Tabs

Any purchases you make during your stay, be it bar, massage or retail purchases will be added to a tab under your name for the duration of your trip.

‘Check-out’ is open from 7am on the final morning of your trip. As you come down for breakfast your tab will be in an envelope on the wine barrel in the entrance. We kindly ask that you settle your tab on the morning of your last ski day, prior to heading out on the snowcat.

We kindly ask that all retail purchases are made on or before the final evening of your trip. This helps make your check-out a smooth and quick process on your final morning with us.

If you wish to make any final purchases at the end of your final day, be it retail or bar purchases, then of course we can accommodate this, we will in this instance kindly ask you to settle-up upon receipt.

Tipping & Gratuities

So, you are nearing the end of your most amazing cat skiing/riding trip and you are considering how to show your appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into making this unbelievable experience a reality. Leaving a gratuity is a way for you to share thanks with all the crew. Usually, in the cat-skiing industry tipping is done at the end of the trip as one sum added onto your final bill.

 Here at Keefer Lake, we believe every one of the staff is an integral part of making your experience the very best the industry has to offer, and our tipping pool reflects that. Every single person that works here during your stay ( 35+ people at a time), gets a share of the tips you leave behind.

You will see on your final bill that we have automatically added a 15% gratuity based on the total price of your package, not including incidentals. This number is added as a guideline for our guests who have requested more specific values to go by. This gratuity is completely optional and can be altered to whatever amount you feel comfortable with.

The following is a sample of the gratuities form that we include with your final bill on the morning of check-out. If you are content with the 15% amount that is already applied, check that box and your bill will stay the same. If you want to leave an alternate amount, higher or lower, write your selection in the ‘other amount’ section and we will adjust your bill accordingly.

We sincerely thank-you for your generous acknowledgment of our efforts through the gratuities program.

We aim to be the best out there and we appreciate all of the feedback that you can provide.  If there was anything that we could have done to enhance your experience, please let us know.

All of our team members are vital in what we do and all are included in our tip pool. The only exception to the tip pool are our massage experts. Massage Therapist gratuities benefit only from the gratuities you leave them for the services they provide you.

Was there a person and/ or people that absolutely made this experience for you?  Please take this opportunity to give specific shout outs to them!


of tour total

Other Amount

percentage of tour total or dollar value

Massage Therapist 1

not included in tip pool

Massage Therapist 2

not included in tip pool

Guest Feeback

Each and every one of us cares about the value of your experience out here at Keefer Lake Lodge; we all genuinely love it out here and want to be able to share the Monashee Magic with our guests!

We thrive on hearing about our guests’ experiences up here at Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge; we remain dedicated to our mission of being the best in the industry, and we really appreciate hearing about what we are doing well and also areas for improvement. If you are experiencing something that could be improved during your stay, please do not hesitate to let us know right away. If you would feel more comfortable doing so in a discreet environment, please know you can pull the Lodge Manager aside to coordinate a conversation.

If you would like to leave us a written review or a shout-out to certain staff members that really made your stay exceptional, please sign our guest book on your way out!

The absolute best way to recognize the Keefer Lake Team is to head over to Trip Advisor and leave us a five-star review with some comments of how we made your ski vacation absolutely amazing.

The absolute best way to recognize the Keefer Lake Team is to leave an online review, letting us know how much you enjoyed your experience with us!

Here are the following platforms we use for this feedback: 

During the end of your trip, our Guest Relations team will send you a follow up email for an additional opportunity to provide feedback based on your stay. Your feedback is greatly valued.

Thank You!

Thank you for choosing to spend your time here with us at our beloved Lodge on Keefer Lake! We can speak for all of our team, when we say that are stoked to have you.

Whatever the occasion, we love to celebrate! Whether that’s celebrating winter or summer, adventure or relaxation, music, success, love or family – we’re in.

We look forward to an opportunity to host you again!

Remember, keep in touch!
Instagram: keefer.lake.lodge

Facebook: Keefer Lake Lodge


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

about catskiing at keefer

A day (or four) in the life of a cat-skier

Arrival day

  • 3pm & 4pm Shuttle departs from Kelowna airport hotels
  • 6-7pm Arrive at Keefer Lake Lodge
  • 7pm Dinner
  • 8:30pm Guest welcome & orientation in the lounge

Ski Days

First Day

  • 6:30am Coffee is on & continental breakfast is available.
  • 7-7:45am Hot breakfast is served.
  • 8:00am Guests and lead guides gather in the lounge to go over weather, safety protocol & back country etiquette as a group. You do not need to be dressed in your outdoor gear for this.
  • 8:45am Meet your guides, dressed in full gear outside your locker/drying room for safety briefing and companion rescue training.
  • 9:15am Cat safety briefing with your driver. 
  • 9:30am Load the cat and the fun begins!
  • 12:00pm Lunch is served in the cat. Each guest has their very own personalized lunch prepared for them by our kitchen team that includes your choice of soup, sandwiches, homemade baked goods, snacks, fruit, and veggies. You may eat this at your leisure. The cat has a large thermos of water and Gatorade, so please bring your Keefer Lake water bottle with you. *wink wink*
  • 3:15-4pm Return to base. Exact time will depend on the current circumstances.
  • 3:30-4:30pm Outdoor Apres (temperature permitting*) is served around the fire on the patio – we will have our wood-fire pizza ovens firing off freshly made pies, and a selection of Hors D’oeuvres being served by our lovely dining staff.
  • 4:30-6pm What we like to call, “me time”.  Have a refreshing drink, give those muscles a soak in the hot tub, relax in the sauna or get a massage. This is your time to kick back and bask in the opulence of all the lodge has to offer!
  • 6:30pm Dinner is served. A delicious three-course meal of our Chefs’ creation awaits!
  • 8:30pm Our talented in-house photographers showcase their media from the day's adventures - presented in the bar/lounge area

* If temperatures are sub -15c Apres will be served in the Black Bear lounge.

Following Ski Days

  • 6:30am Coffee is on & continental breakfast is available.
  • 7-7:45am Hot breakfast is served.
  • 8:15am Meet your guide by your designated cat for an equipment check (beacons, packs, skis, radios, H2O bottle ready to go).
  • 8:30am Snowcats depart for a day of shredding.

After this point, the schedule continues the same as the first ski day.

    Departure Day

    All personal items must be packed up and left outside your room, prior to heading out on the cat for the day. Your belongings will be carefully re-located to the downstairs common area in your respective buildings for your return. Should you wish to shower prior to departure, you will have access to the common bathrooms which are located by the Games Room in the Black Bear Lodge, and by the common room areas on the ground floor in the Pinnacles Lodge.

    • 6:30am Coffee is on & continental breakfast begins.
    • 7- 8am** Hot Breakfast  and Check-out.

    *Please ensure you bring your preferred method of payment with you to breakfast so you can settle up your bill with the Lodge Manager. Your bill will be ready and waiting for you to review on the wine barrel by the bar.

    • 8:15am Meet your guide by your designated cat for an equipment check (beacons, packs, skis, radios, H2O bottle ready to go).
    • 8:30am Snowcats depart for a day of shredding.
    • 12pm Lunch is served on the cat.
    • 3pm Return to base.
    • 3:15pm Apres served in the Black Bear lounge.
    • 3:15 – 4pm Final Check-out (for any final schwag purchases 😉).
    • 4 pm The shuttles depart – this is where we say not “Goodbye”, but "See you again soon!". 

    Snow Cats

    The Terrain

    Rescue training

    Prior to your arrival at Keefer, you have been sent a mountain safety training video, which talked you through the avalanche safety equipment you will be provided with during your trip, how to use this equipment, what to do in an avalanche, and how to rescue a companion, in case of an emergency. On your first morning at Keefer, prior to boarding the cat, we will go through this training again verbally with assistance from our own video, and then your guiding team will conduct a physical practice with you and everyone on your cat.

    Should an emergency arise during your trip, your guide will provide instruction on what to do, and where to be, but a situation could arise where you might be the first person on a scene and need to perform a companion rescue.

    Therefore it is imperative you have a FULL and clear understanding of all safety equipment and procedures ahead of heading out on the mountain.

    Useful Resources

    Safety — Helicat Canada

    BCA - Learn Avalanche Safety

    catski etiquette

    Your guiding team are a group of extremely qualified and experienced individuals who are here to ensure you ride the most epic lines, experience the best snow conditions, and have the ultimate experience, while staying safe.

    To help them achieve this, there are 2 key rules you need to apply:

    Listen to your Guide

    Your lead guide carefully plans out your day and hand-selects each run based on the avalanche conditions, the snow conditions and ability of the group.

    At the beginning of each run, your guide will give you clear instructions on where to ski and where not to ski. This is for your safety, and the safety of the group. If you do not follow these instructions, you may put your safety and the safety of the group in jeopardy.

    Ski with your buddy

    Your guiding team will instruct you when it’s appropriate to buddy ski. Skiing with a buddy is a necessary safety procedure when skiing in the backcountry. Your buddy will be able to assist you the quickest in an emergency.

    The Gear & Safety Equipment

    Radio Use


    1. Think- Think about what you want to say, keep it short and simple.
    2. Wait – Wait a few seconds to see if anyone else is already speaking on the radio, when you talk over someone else’s transmission they are unable to hear the person originally speaking to them, this is called “walking on a transmission”
    3. Speak – Speak clearly, slowly and concisely. Remember that you are not having a discussion you are relaying information. Keep your voice level moderate so that the other person can hear you without having to turn their radio up or down, do not yell or whisper.

    Dialogue - (TO), (FROM), (ON *CHANNEL*)

    1. (TO) – This is the person you are contacting
    2. (FROM) – This is you
    3. (ON *CHANNEL*) – This is the channel you are calling on; if the receiver is scanning channels, they are able to then change to the channel you are calling on to ensure you as the transmitter can hear them.

    Catski Rebooking policy

    At the end of your current trip, you have a unique opportunity to rebook your tour dates for the following season. From your departure date, you will have 7 days to rebook for your current tour date at this year’s price. If, after those 7 days, you have not rebooked, those specific days will become available to our waitlist and to the general public.

    In order to re-book and secure your seat(s), we require a 25% non-refundable deposit upon rebooking, an additional 25% by May 1 and the remainder of the 50% balance by October 1.

    GKLL will not hold dates without a deposit. There will be no exceptions to this policy. If the 50% payment has not been received by the May 1 deadline or the 100% final payment has not been received by the October 1 deadline, GKLL reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice and re-sell the seat.

    We highly recommend all guests take out Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance and insure their experience.

    Our preferred provider Acera Insurance who is a member of HeliCat Canada and has experience providing insurance for cat ski adventures. This insurance policy insures unexpected cancellations prior to your departure and disruptions during your trip that may cause you unexpected travel expenses or the loss of all or a portion of your cat ski trip. (i.e., illness, injury, death of a family member, delayed flights, missed shuttles, etc.)

    Please review the Terms & Conditions regarding booking and insurance before booking. 

    If later, you choose to book with us, it will be at next seasons prices. If you intend to make your trip with Keefer an annual one, we recommend booking in advance to secure your dates and avoid disappointment!

    Catski Terms & Conditions

    Please be sure to review the outline Terms & Conditions. We highly encourage the purchase of Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance when booking with Keefer Lake Lodge. You can review the catski Terms and Conditions, plus Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance here: 

    about keefer

    Lodge Life

    Welcome to your dream getaway; a custom-built oasis at the head of the Kettle River. Here, two meticulously crafted timber frame lodges await, capable of hosting up to 50 guests.

    The Black Bear Lodge was built in 2016 with the vision of providing the ultimate cat skiing experience. Complete with 9 en-suite bedrooms, this lodge truly resonates the splendor of its surroundings. The construction of the first lodge was closely followed by the construction of the 16-room Pinnacles Lodge, finished in February 2018.

    Amidst this natural splendor, we offer a luxurious array of amenities, including an outdoor hot tub, a Scandinavian-style sauna, massage services, and a pub-style games room. Our guest equipment rooms ensure your gear stays dry and ready for action, but it's the dining experience that truly sets us apart.

    Our culinary artisans, fueled by creativity and passion, craft exceptional dishes and flavors, enriched with locally sourced produce and meats. Rest assured, the dining experience at Keefer Lake is nothing short of spectacular, rivalled only by the breathtaking views that surround us.

    Find out more about the lodge

    Live Local, Source Local


    journey to carbon neutral

    Summer Programs

    In the summer, we offer a variety of experiences from weddings, corporate getaways to private events. It’s easy to find entertainment between the activities the lake offers, to the classic (and not-so classic yard games, like human-sized foosball!), to our 9-hole disc golf course, to axe-throwing, to hammock city, to a creek walk among the wildflowers... the list goes on.

    Whether you choose to dabble in colder endeavours or enjoy basking in the warmer months – Keefer promises an unforgettable getaway, regardless of the season. Our mission is to leave you exhilarated and enchanted, your heart giddy with the magic of the mountains, no matter when you choose to visit.

    If you wish to inquire about hosting an event here contact our lovely reservations team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    To learn more about what you can get up to at Keefer you more here: