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The Keefer Difference

The Keefer Differences that Fuel Our Keefer Magic

Custom Design Timber Framed Lodge

A vision that has become a reality

The vision for Keefer Lake Lodge had been brewing for what seemed like Jeff Gostlin's entire life. Growing up skiing and eventually becoming a guide, Jeff and his dad, Keith set about making the dream a reality. With the help and guidance of Purcell Timber Frames, the Gostin's turned their vision into a reality - a stunning main lodge overlooking Keefer Lake. It is adorned with large timbers that provide structural integrity as well as amazing beauty.

The most comfortable snowcats in the business

Custom built and purpose designed

Designing and building the ulitmate snowcat for skiing has been Jeff's pet project. You can bet many nights and many pieces of paper went into what are now the most comfortable cats in the business. Starting with the powerful Pisten Bully PB 400, the cats have larger than average boxes, highback bucket seats, individual cubbies that are heated (so no soggy gloves or goggles!), quality sound system, built in mini kegs for water and energy drinks and plenty of windows to enjoy the view! You will love riding in Rogue One and Star Destroyer...yes, we are Star Wars fans up here at Keefer Lake Lodge.

Delectable Mountain Cuisine

Fresh and Creative to tantalize your tastebuds

Prepared onsite with passion. Our culinary team is deeply passionate about what they do and you can taste it in their creations! Using as many locally procured goods as we can, we like to enjoy the freshest and most nourishing food we can possibly make.

Custom order your lunch

We have something for every tastebud

Everyone has their own individual taste and their own favourites for lunch. Each night at dinner you will be given a number of options to customize your lunch. We do this for three reasons:

  1. You get the lunch you desire to you keep fueled up for the day.
  2. You may have allergies or food sensitivties.
  3. We can reduce waste. We don't want to give you things you don't like and eventually throw away. We also don't want to give you too much (or too little!).

BTW...we recommend the PB&J. It is AH-MAY-ZING!

Photos included on every trip!

At no extra cost to you

We send along a professional photographer with your group on EVERY trip. They rotate days between cats to ensure they get enough shots of everyone. Each night there is a slideshow of the best pow shots, airtime and the ever popular crash reel, and the best part is, you get the photos FOR FREE! That is right, we include web resolution quality photos of your trip so you can share them on social media and take them home to show your friends. If you want a print version, we can do that to at an extra cost. We recommend getting them done up on metal. It looks super sharp.

Performance Demos - INCLUDED!

Ride skis and boards designed perfectly for pow

We get that not everyone has a set of powder boards in their quiver. That is why we stock our own fleet of custom Keefer Lake Lodge skis made locally by Skevik Skis, as well as Salomon and DPS. We have a variety of sizes and widths available and enough to go around. We also have a selection of powder boards from Capita, Spring Break, Lib Tech, Cardiff and YES. Click the link for more details...