Deep, light and lots of it!

The Catskiing Tenure at Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge Catskiing offers the best catskiing in the world. We are located in the Monashee Mountain Range in BC, Canada. We have over 86,500 acres of expert mountain terrain. We are continually developing more of our tenure through extensive glading programs and road building. The snow here is super deep. You will be skiing in tight trees at times. There is no beginner terrain. We are the perfect place for strong confident skiers and snowboarders with backcountry experience skiing or riding off-piste.

Keefer Lake Lodge Catskiing Reviews
  • “Keefer Lake Cat Ski Rules”

    gotrum - TripAdvisor
    Great snow, great terrain, great lodge, great guide, great cat = great shredding. I have been snowboarding since the beastie boys came out and I had one of the best days of my life at Keefer Lake. World class riding...
  • "Fantastic catskiing adventure at Keefer Lake!"

    barbaraandjohn2018 - TripAdvisor
    We loved our weeklong catskiing trip with Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge! Most folks stay 3-4 nights but we were very happy to be there for a week. All expectations were exceeded. The skiing was fantastic and we skied open terrain as well as tight trees. The guides are fun and professional. Safety is their priority...
  • “Keefer Lake Lodge is a true gem”

    Amy Engerbretson - Google Review
    The brand new, gorgeous lodge makes for the most luxuriously comfy home. The skiing is amazing with great guides and killer cats to get you there. The entire staff is friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and dedicated to making sure all guests have a great time.
  • “Best skiing experience ever!”

    Brett Robertson - Google
    Terrain was fantastic, snow was... everyday (4 days) was a POW day! Not only was the snow good but the staff was very accommodating, the food was fantastic even boxed lunch...
    Todd Avison tree skiing at Keefer Lake Lodge Catskiing

    Tree Skiing!

    Chris Whitehead slashing pow at Keefer Lake Catskiing

    Open Alpine Pow!

    Kyle Sanguin Keefer Lake Catskiing Photographer

    Big Terrain Features!

    Catskiing terrain in the Monashee Mountains

    Lots of Terrain to Explore!

    Fresh Powder Catskiing in BC

    Plenty of pow to go 'round!

    John Holman tree skiing at Keefer Lake Lodge catskiing

    We love our tree skiing!

    Catskiing Stats

    Tenure Area & Size

    Fresh Tracks all day long!

    86,500 acres
    135 square miles
    350 square kilometres

    Highest Elevation:

    Yeoward Mountain

    2,140 meters
    7,000 feet

    Daily Runs

    Pack the Red Bull


    Active Snow Roads / Access:

    To get to the goods

    Over 50 kilometres
    More than 31 miles

    Lowest Elevation:

    Keefer Lodge Base

    1,400 meters
    4,600 feet


    Alpine, Glades and Trees

    10-20% alpine / gladed
    90-80% sub-alpine / trees

    Avg Daily Vertical


    2,500 – 4,600 meters
    8,000 – 15,000 feet
    Ski runs are between 300 – 800 meters (1,000 – 2,500 feet) long.


    Gotta get up to get down

    2 dedicated passenger PB400 Snowcats each holds 14 Guests
    1 road-making, grooming, and debris-clearing PB300 Snowcat
    1 back-up PB300 Passenger Snowcat on-site.

    Avg Annual Snowfall:

    Deep, Light & Plentiful!

    14 meters
    46 feet or 550 inches

    See you in the snow!

    Keefer Lake Lodge

    Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
    1401 Keefer Lake Road
    Cherryville, B.C. Canada

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