Adventure Bike Weekend - September (cancelled) - Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
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Adventure Bike Weekend - September
Keefer Madness


An Adventure Bike Weekend Like No Other!

Time for Volume 2 of the Keefer Madness Adventure Bike Weekend! It all happens the weekend of September 1st - 3rd, 2023. You will enjoy a weekend of exploring the backcountry with a group of dedicated, like minded riders and stay in one of two lakeside mountain lodges. Choose from full day or half day Group Rides. Once the day is done, relax at our lakeside lodge for apres and meals that will impress you away as much as the terrain.

If you are an adventure bike rider, you will want to make sure this event is on your calendar this Summer!

Who’s this for? Let’s talk Bikes, Tires, Riders

This weekend will be epic, but you’ll have more fun when you’re prepared. We’ll have routes that tailor to Beginner/Novice up to Advanced so there will be something for everyone. Remember, everything is harder on a bigger bike, and trails that are no brainers on dirt bikes become challenging pretty quickly. Watch the video below for a taste of the terrain– most of what’s shown would be intermediate/advanced trails better suited for 300-700cc Enduro bikes.

If you’re coming on a mid-heavy ADV bike (KTM 890, Africa Twin, Tiger 800/1200, BMW GS, etc) there will be routes for you too. But be warned, stock tires won’t be your friend out here! Tires designed for pavement or 80/20 tires just don’t perform the moment a hill has gravel or there’s a hint of mud. 50/50 are much better. Dirt tires are best. The more traction, the better.

This weekend isn’t for pure beginners, but it’s perfect for a wide range of abilities and fitness levels. Men and women who have ridden offroad before and can comfortably ride for 2-3hrs will have fun. Better riders who can rip all day and ride vertical walls on 1 tire will also have a blast. (Groups will be split, don’t worry!)

  • If you are on a dual sport, it will be easier than being on a big bike, but it will not be easy. This is spicy terrain with options up to D5/6.
  • If you ride a sporty adventure bike (like KTM 790/890, T7, etc) you will be offered challenges from D2/6 to D5/6. And, as always, the people on their dual sport bikes will lay down and worship you for riding a big bike. ;-)

Difficulty Rating System explained

Bring all your gear! Boots, pants, armour, jersey, jacket, gloves, rain gear, backpack (with hydration bladder if you have it), snacks, tools, bug spray, etc. You won’t be alone, so there will be people to help in tricky situations. Oh, and don’t forget a camera/phone - the views are amazing!

Non-Riders: coming with someone who doesn’t ride? No problem. If you don’t ride, feel free to chill at the Lodge while others are out riding! Note, there’s no difference in cost, other than the rate offered to a 2nd person in the same room.

Scouting Routes for Keefer Madness

Some pics of the good times at last year's Vernon gathering.

Staying at Keefer Lake Lodge

Keefer Lake Lodge is a stunning property that features sprawling, park-like areas both around the lodges and the lake. Enjoy refreshments at our outdoor reception area or take in the mountain and lake views from our large upper deck. Our property features 2 luxury, timber-framed lodges. The Black Bear lodge features 9 guest rooms and has stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. It also boasts giant wood beams, a bar, lounge, and games room, and plenty of open spaces. The Pinnacles Lodge has 16 guest rooms with beautiful views overlooking the lake and mountains.

Dining at Keefer Lake Lodge

Our culinary team creates unique dishes using globally inspired menus and fresh local produce & meats. Whenever possible we use locally grown, sustainable, organic, free-range ingredients. 

Your meals at Keefer Lake are  hearty, tasty and healthy. Your mornings at Keefer begin with a steaming cup of fresh coffee or tea and a breakfast that will start your day off right. Our new espresso machine will satisfy every coffee drinker. 

Lunch is served right on the mountain. Customize your lunch with a variety of healthy snacks and homemade treats to give you energy to power through the riding days. 

Back at the lodge, the tantalizing aroma of dinner will greet your arrival paired with a delicious aprés-ride snack. You’ll have time to freshen up beforehand and enjoy snacks and drinks in the bar. Dinner is served around a large communal table and is always full of entertaining and lively stories from the ride days. 

Keep the Good Times Going with Après!

Après is as much of the experience as the riding. After your day of riding in the Monashees nothing feels better that kicking back with your favourite beverage, enjoying some delicious après snacks and reliving the day with your crew. We have created the perfect space - the Keefer Lake Lodge Bar and Lounge.

We have something for everyone. From fresh local microbrew beers to your standard spirits and an extensive wine collection. Have a favourite cocktail? Put our bar tender's creativity and skill to the test! 


Relax in the Sauna

Relax in our pre-heated naturally woodfired mountain sauna

Soak in the Hot Tub

Relax and unwind in our large outdoor hot tub and enjoy a beverage with our bar service

The Fun Never Stops...

Head down to our fully equipped games room to play pool, foosball, darts or the house game Crud!

We have Chimps for partners!

The Dirt Chimps have teamed up with Keefer Lake Lodge to help put their routes together and to come host some of the excursions. If you aren't familiar with them yet, click a few of these links. You're going to love em!

Weekend Schedule

Friday Sept 1st

Optional Ride Day 

Guests are free to arrive at the lodge in the morning and gear up for the first ride of the weekend. Official check-in is set for late afternoon. Guests arriving early are responsible for their own breakfast & lunch on this day.

Saturday Sept 2nd

Ride Day (full & ½ day ride options) 

Saturday is a full ride day with breakfast, grab & go lunches, apre-ride snack & dinner provided.  

Sunday Sept 3rd 

Ride Day (full & ½ day ride options) 

Sunday is either a full ride day or half ride day. No matter what you choose, start off with breakfast, get your grab & go lunches and finish off with an apres-ride snack.