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Guest Registration Form

Thank you for choosing to Catski with Keefer Lake Lodge.
Any challenges? Give us a call: 1 (844) KEEFER1

Guest Information

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Ski / Snowboard Information

This information will help us prepare in advance - please note that the Guides will verify this information onsite prior to your first day in the field.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your personal preferences. After taking into consideration the preferences and skill levels of all guests, the final assignment of rental equipment is at the sole discretion of the Guides and is based on their determination of the most appropriate suitability and safety of all involved.

We are the perfect place for strong confident skiers and snowboarders with backcountry experience skiing or riding off-piste.

Click for important Guest Fitness and Ability information.
Please enter how many times you have gone skiing at Keefer.
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Please note that you are responsible for any loss, damage, or breakage of demo/rental equipment. In the event of loss or damage you will be responsible for repair or replacement charges.


* Please pack your ski/board boots in your carry-on, to ensure it arrives with you. Almost everything else can be replaced if the airline loses your luggage, if you don’t have your boots, you don’t ride!

SKIERS: Please remember to BRING YOUR OWN DOWNHILL / ALPINE SKI BOOTS. We offer Downhill skiing – TOURING BOOTS CANNOT BE USED IN ALPINE BINDINGS as they are NOT compatible and void the Manufacturer’s warranty and DIN (release) settings.

SNOWBOARDERS: Please BRING YOUR OWN BOOTS. If you wish to use our demo boards (limited availability) you are still required to BRING YOUR OWN BOOTS.

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Medical Information

For your safety, we require complete and accurate information about your health and medical considerations. All information will be kept private and personal. Please note that the Guides will verify this information onsite prior to your first day in the field.
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Our chef’s have an amazing culinary experience planned for you. Trust me, if you are Gluten-free or dairy-free by choice… this is the perfect time to take a cheat week!

As we are a remote lodge, it can be difficult to make custom or last minute changes. Please let us know if you have any of the following food requirements at this time.
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Waiver Statement

Your first priority is to enjoy your trip and have fun. Our first priority is your safety and well-being to provide you with the best and safest mountain experience.

When you are onsite, and prior to your first day in the field, you will be required to read the Waiver and sign a paper copy in the presence of Keefer Lake staff. Please take a few minutes now to read the Waiver and Release Agreement before proceeding.

Please Acknowledge Waiver

Declaration of Fitness and Ability Level

Back country Cat Skiing and wilderness activity differs from resort style skiing or boarding. The terrain is generally unaltered from its original natural state and runs are not groomed. Hazards and boundaries are not marked, and you can expect sudden changes in terrain and snow conditions.

We have very limited terrain below the advanced/expert level. Guests must have the riding ability and general physical fitness to handle these conditions. If your abilities require constant supervision from the tail guide it limits their ability to ensure the safety of the entire group. If you are not physically fit enough or do not ski or ride at an advanced/expert level you are putting the safety of the entire group at risk and you will be asked to sit out and NO REFUNDS will be provided.

By agreeing to the Fitness Agreement, you are declaring that:

  • You have an advanced or higher ability at skiing & or boarding.
  • You have not been advised against physical activity by a physician for any reason.
  • You have the fitness level to ski or board for extended periods of time in backcountry terrain, without the need for significant rest breaks or assistance.
Please acknowledge fitness and ability level


All payments are non-refundable. In the event of (but not limited to) a job loss, early season injury, sickness in yourself or your family, or an interrupted tour, this policy IS YOUR ONLY OPTION FOR A REFUND. Therefore, Keefer Lake Lodge STRONGLY ENCOURAGES YOU TO PURCHASE TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE.

Keefer Lake Lodge Terms & Conditions

Please indicate whether you have trip insurance.
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Please acknowledge Trip Interruption and Cancellation


Catskiing packages include insurance to cover the costs incurred due to an illness or injury that requires hospitalization or a doctor’s visit. The policy will only be in place while you are a guest on our property. This coverage will also cover the cost of transportation to the nearest hospital. It will also cover any gaps in coverage held by the insured (i.e. group health plans provided through work, personally held private plans), and act as the first responder in the event the insured does have an existing coverage plan, and look to be subrogated behind the scenes so that the insured does not have to pay at the time of injury or hospitalization.

Photography Release

During your visit your photograph may be taken by other guests, staff, or visiting media. You agree to allow Keefer Lake Lodge, and our partners, to use any photographs or videotape materials for promotion and web site usage. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact our office directly to discuss.

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