House Policies - Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
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House Policies

Alcohol Policy

  • Hotel policy and British Columbia Liquor Licensing prohibits guests from consuming their own alcoholic beverages on GKLL’s property. A penalty fee of up to $3,000 will apply for any outside alcohol brought into GKLL’s licensed facilities. This penalty is not applicable to pre-arranged wine that is brought up by the renter(s) that has had the corkage fee applied. 
  • The legal age for consuming alcoholic beverages in British Columbia is 19 years old. GKLL reserves the right to ask for ID and will refuse service to anyone who is under the legal drinking age. 
  • As per British Columbia Liquor Licensing, GKLL reserves the right to suspend and refuse alcohol service to anyone who is visibly intoxicated. 
  • Hotel policy and British Columbia Liquor Licensing prohibits any open alcohol outside of designated service areas excluding when guests are transiting from the service area to their accommodations. This includes outdoor areas between lodges and by the lake. 
  • Bar services must end no later than 12am.  
  • GKLL will not serve alcohol to any out-of-house guests who will be leaving the property and operating a motor vehicle on the same day. All guests, in- or out-of-house, arriving at the GKLL property must check in with reception upon arrival, at which time their vehicle keys will be surrendered for the remainder of their stay. 
  • GKLL staff reserve the right to deny access to vehicle keys to any person who is considered impaired as it relates to British Columbia’s Motor Vehicle Act. 
  • Any guests who are visibly intoxicated and participating in resort activities that may pose a danger or damage to themselves, other people or the resort property and its’ fixtures will be suspended from such activities until they are deemed capable of safe participation by GKLL management.  

Damage Policy

  • Any damages, breakages and/or loss(es) that occur, however caused (whether by deliberate, negligent, or reckless act) to the property and/or equipment of GKLL by the Renter(s) or any guests of the Renter(s), that are above general wear and tear will be deducted from the damage deposit. 
  • No strong adhesive tape, such as duct or electrical may be used on any surface. For posting signs in the facility, please use painter’s tape. Renters using strong adhesive will be charged additional clean up fees if it leaves residue. Renters are responsible for supplying the appropriate supplies for decorating/taping/hanging items at GKLL. 
  • The use of wax candles is prohibited. 
  • The total cost of repair or replacement, to make good or remedy any such damage(s), breakages, or loss(es) will be determined by GKLL. Where the cost of repair, make good or replace any damages received, exceeds the damage deposit, the Renter(s) will be invoiced for the additional amount, which will be payable on the date of issue. Examples of damage include but are not limited to broken or damaged windows, furniture, flooring, fixtures, glassware, etc. 
  • For the purposes of this Agreement, ‘Property’ and ‘Equipment’ includes but is not limited to buildings, vehicles, infrastructure, games & recreational equipment, furniture, safety equipment and industrial or domestic utensils belonging to GKLL. 
  • GKLL is not responsible for any damage or loss of items left on its property prior to, during or following an event or guests stay. 
  • All vehicles, tents, campers and recreational vehicles (RV’s) are pitched, parked and left at the risk of the owner.  GKLL shall not assume liability or responsibility for any vehicle, tent, RV, occupants, or contents while operated, parked, pitched, or left on GKLL property. 

General House Rules

  • All guests arriving on GKLL property must check-in at reception (or at designated check point) before proceeding anywhere else on property. 
  • For safety reasons, GKLL cannot accept guest arrivals at the lodge after 10pm. GKLL will not make exceptions for any reason and will not provide refunds or credits due to late arrivals or early departures.   
  • All guest vehicles will be valet parked by a GKLL staff member, and keys will be securely held at the reception desk for the remainder of their stay. GKLL is not responsible for any damage incurred to guest any vehicle(s) while on the property. If a guest prefers to park their own vehicle, they will be directed to a specific location to do so and then will still be required to submit their keys to be held at reception until their departure.  
  • No lifeguard will be on duty by the lake at any time. 
  • For safety reasons, guests are not permitted on the lakeside after 9:00pm. 
  • The hot tub closes at 10pm. 
  • Bar services must end no later than 12am. 
  • No off-road vehicles or motorized boats are permitted on the property without prior consent from GKLL. 
  • No firearms are permitted on the property at any time. 
  • No fireworks are permitted to be brought on property.  
  • No smoking or vaping is permitted inside GKLL premises and there is a designated smoking area outside for guests. 
  • Cooking is not permitted unless it is done by a GKLL kitchen staff member. 
  • No outside food or liquor is permitted at GKLL. 
  • Fires are strictly prohibited unless lit by a GKLL manager and are contained in the designated firepit on the outdoor patio. Where there are fire restrictions imposed, a fire in the pit may also be prohibited. 
  • Guests are prohibited from partaking in any unlawful activities on GKLL property. 
  • Guests are prohibited from entering any staff accommodation buildings on property. 
  • No glass is allowed in the hot tub, sauna, grass or beach areas. 
  • For safety reasons, certain resort activities such as axe throwing, log sawing (Jack & Jill) and human foosball will be only available for use during daylight hours. 

Green Policy

  • Please do not put any refundable and non-refundable recycling in the garbage’s; utilize blue recycling containers. 
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room 
  • Only ask for clean towels when necessary  
  • Seek out and hire only local suppliers to help reduce our combined footprint. 
  • Carpool where possible. 
  • THINK GREEN when it comes to party supplies and decorations - Rent, re-use, re-cycle and upcycle! Please avoid buying new and opt for minimalist where possible. 
  • Ask 3rd party suppliers about their green policies and what steps they take to minimize their carbon footprint.  
  • Confetti is not permitted at GKLL. 

Pet Policy

  • Guests are permitted to bring dogs to GKLL providing they are not listed as a prohibited dog breed in any province in Canada and are pre-approved by GKLL at the time of booking. 
  • A pet fee of $25 will be charged per dog per day. 
  • All dogs brought to GKLL should be able to socialize safely and amicably with any and all other pets/animals, children and adults at GKLL. 
  • GKLL has several Pets (dogs and cats) that reside at GKLL and roam freely throughout the property. 
  • Any dogs brought to GKLL that are unable to socialize will be required to be always kept under control, either by being kept on a leash, or contained safely in a crate within the room in which they are staying  
  • Any dogs demonstrating anti-social and/or violent behavior will be asked to leave the property immediately. 
  • The safety and well-being of any dogs brought to GKLL is the sole responsibility of the Guest(s)/Person(s) who brought them. GKLL is not liable for any injury and/or illness encountered or caused to any Guests’ dog whatsoever, whilst on the property of GKLL. 
  • Guests’ dogs are not permitted in the service area (main floor of the Black Bear Lodge) during meal service and should be comfortable being contained in a bedroom alone or left outside for extended periods of time. 
  • Any Guests’ who bring a dog to GKLL will at all times be responsible for that dog. Any Guests’ whose dog is causing disturbances which include (but are not limited to) barking, demonstrating anti-social behavior (to any other pets and/or humans), or causing a nuisance (i.e. repeatedly entering areas they are not permitted), will be required supervise their dog and always keep it under full control i.e. put on a leash, or contained within a room. Any guest who fails to do this upon request by GKLL will be asked to remove their dog from GKLL Property. 
  • Guests and/or dog owners who bring a dog to GKLL will be solely responsible for any and all injuries, damage(s), breakage(s), loss(es) caused by their Dog, to the property of GKLL, any staff, contractors, guests and or associates of GKLL, and/or any pets belonging to any staff, contractors, guests and associates of GKLL. The total cost of treatment, repair or replacement, to make good or remedy any such injuries, damage(s), breakages, or loss(es) will be determined by GKLL and will be charged to the Guest and/or Owner of the dog. Such costs may include (but are not limited to): emergency evacuation fees, hospital fees, doctor fees, vet fees, and building/property repairs. 

Harassment Policy

  • GKLL is committed to preventing workplace harassment, bullying and violence and providing a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity and protected from violence. Workplace harassment, bullying or violence will not be tolerated from any staff member, guest or third parties at GKLL. 
  • Harassment (including sexual, physical, or any inappropriate vexatious conduct or comment by a person towards a worker that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause that worker to be humiliated, offended or intimidated), bullying and violence at GKLL is unacceptable from anyone in and around these premises. 
  • GKLL will take whatever steps are reasonable to protect its workers from workplace harassment, bullying and violence from all sources. By entering GKLL premises you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless GKLL, its respective directors, officers, employees, guides, agents, independent contractors, subcontractors, representatives, successors, and assigns from and against any liabilities, losses, claims, demands, costs (including, without limitation, legal fees) and expenses arising in connection with the application and enforcement of this policy. You also agree that any rights, duties and obligations that may arise between the parties to this policy shall be governed by and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia and no other jurisdiction. 
  • Guests or third parties that violate this policy may be subject to the following actions at the sole discretion of GKLL management: 
  • Be asked to leave GKLL premises; 
  • Be permanently or temporarily banned from GKLL premises; 
  • Be reported to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) (Lumby or Vernon) detachments 
  • Staff (including managers, supervisors, sub-contractors and workers) of GKLL are expected to uphold both this policy and will be held accountable by GKLL to work together to prevent workplace harassment, bullying and violence. Any incidents of sexual/physical/verbal harassment, bullying or violence are to be immediately reported by either guests or staff members to GKLL management. 
  • Under no circumstances is GKLL responsible for the guests’ or third parties’ inconvenience or travel expenses or for providing a refund or future credit as a result of the application or enforcement of this policy. 

Release of Liability

  • The Renter hereby waives any right to claim against GKLL for any loss, damage or injury that might happen to be suffered by the Renter or any Renter Persons or thier respective property from any cause whatsoever, prior, during or after the period covered by this Agreement. 

Photography Release

  • The Renters hereby agree and authorize Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge, and all those acting in pursuant to its authority the right to create, use, re-produce, edit, alter, copy and make use of any photographs, video footage and voice recordings captured of the event, for any legal purposes, including any and all print or online publications which may include but are not limited to: social media posts; advertisements; webpages; print posters; magazines; emails, for the purposes of marketing and promotion of the business. 
  • The Renters herby waiver all moral rights associated with any photographs taken of the event and/or to inspect or approve the finished photographs, advertising copy or printed matter that may be used in conjunction therewith or to the eventual use that it might be applied.