Lily Quin - Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
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Lily Quin

Lodge Hand

Lily is from Wanaka, New Zealand and is up at Keefer for her first season.  She’s been dubbed the nickname Dora because she carries a backpack everywhere, which makes sense when you hear about all the places she’s travelled!  Lily is super active.  She has skied in Japan, surfed in Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Bali, loves mountain biking, waterskiing and playing netball.  Even with all her hobbies Lily managed to attend Christchurch university and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering.  Lily loves her family, she is the oldest of four siblings and has a whopping 102 cousins.  A jokester to her core, Lily loves hanging with the crew and gets everyone laughing.  She’s always keen for good coffee, gin and tonic, ice cream and fish.  The hardest part of being at Keefer is she misses her sweet dogs Saphi and Pipi.  Definitely ask her to see pictures!