Liv Sinclair - Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
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Liv Sinclair

Lodge Hand

Liv is back at Keefer for her second season. Last year Liv was Keefer’s sweet treat extraordinaire, making many of the delicious treats you enjoyed on the cat.  This year Liv is flexing her serving skills, which is great as you’ll get more face time with her!  Bubbly and sweet, she’s always down for a chat.
Originally from Orono, Ontario, Liv is eager to keep up her passion for skiing in these beautiful BC mountains.  She has skied 16 different mountains in Canada; if you ever hit up Silver Star in Vernon, Kirkhunheimer is Liv’s favourite run there.   Liv loves nature, from studying wild herbs to floral design.  If she could be anywhere, it would be in a natural hot spring or knee deep in powder.  When you’re out on the mountain just remember what Liv always says “Ski good or eat wood”.