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Keefer Lake Green Initiative


One of the best things about Keefer Lake Lodge is the natural beauty around it. Jeff took a natural approach to all aspects lodge construction by limiting waste and using eco friendly products. Alongside the existing solar panels, beautiful stone patterning, and amazing handcrafted woodwork, Jeff Gostlin has been diligent in implementing the Keefer Lake Green Initiative to even the most detailed things. Some things that we didn’t think could be eco friendly.

The beautiful hand shaped, crafted, stained woodwork and beams are only one of the many impressive features at Keefer Lake Lodge. Did you know that our painters used a stain created through an environmentally friendly process and one that won’t break down into harmful residue? All the stain on Keefer Lake Lodge used water and modified oil based products from a company called Sansin. The product forms a bond directly with the wood while drying. The painters then applied a second product called Enviro-stain. It provides a beautiful finish while letting the wood breathe. The wood won’t crack or break down due to harsh chemicals.

The Keefer Lake Green Initiative includes both Jeff’s approach to where he got the products and the people to apply the stain. The painters were local Kelowna and Vernon residents who took sincere pride in what they were doing and it shows through their work. The paint used is all Canadian made and manufactured. Sansin is a Canadian company based out of Ontario and one of the only paint & stain manufacturers that creates eco-friendly products like Enviro-Stain and their line of environmentally-friendly stains and sealants.

The new Keefer Lake Lodge is not only one of the most beautiful places in the region. We also strive to be as eco friendly as possible thanks to the Keefer Lake Green Initiative.

Come Catskiing with us and see. :)

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