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The Ultimate Guide to Après-ski at Keefer Lake Lodge: What to Expect and Why You'll Love it!

A day on the slopes is always a day worth celebrating If you have spent any time skiing or snowboarding down a slope, then you have probably experienced après-ski. This post-ski culture is celebrated across the globe and ranges from a fancy wine and fondue affair in the Swiss Alps to an all-night party at a bar in the Colorado Rockies. At Keefer, w...

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Keefer Lake vs. The Rest: What Sets Our Catskiing Apart in BC's Winter Landscape

It's no surprise that Catskiing offers the potential for unparalleled powder adventures. As snow enthusiasts flock to the region year after year, drawn by the prospect of untouched powder and breathtaking scenery, Keefer Lake Lodge emerges as a rare gem, setting itself apart from the rest. With over 20 years of guiding experience in BC's backcountr...

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The Essential Guide to Catskiing across the Monashee Mountains

Are you ready for some fresh pow?! Because we are, and if you are anything like us and can't wait for your ski days, here is an important segue: everything you need to know before immersing yourself in the untamed paradise of mountains in the heart of British Columbia. There are several things you can prepare for prior to your Catskiing adventure, ...

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Recap of Summer Leading into Winter at Keefer

Summer has been had, the lake has been shook, and what a jam-packed few months of sun it's been. It's time to bid farewell to the season of lake fun, games, and rejuvenation under golden rays because winter is coming, and you know what that means: the Monashee mountains are calling; it's Catskiing time! We're switching gears as water adventure...

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Plan Your Summer Wedding at Keefer Lake Lodge!

With the arrival of warm sunny days comes wedding season! Firstly, if you haven't started planning already, the clock is ticking, and there's no time like the present! Secondly, it's only fitting to have a venue that compliments the season and the occasion, right? Keefer Lake Lodge can host your private wedding and accommodate all your whims and fa...

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All the Reasons Your Next Corporate Retreat Should Be at Keefer Lake Lodge

Corporate retreats are the most sought-after out-of-office event to help boost belonging and connection and break free from the mundane mindset formed from working too hard and not playing hard enough. Do you feel like you are tired of rinsing and repeating similar styles of corporate retreats—aka, a bunch of team members in an indoor setting, eith...

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An Unforgettable Summer

Summer fun for everyone at Keefer Lake Lodge Time for something different! Beloved by expert skiers who flock to the Keefer Lake Lodge every winter to make the most of this world-class Catskiing venue, the lodge thrives when the powder falls and transforms into a skier's paradise. But right now there is no snow and the snowcats have been put to bed...

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Seven Reasons to Host Your Wedding at Keefer Lake Lodge


Congratulations! You just got engaged and now it is time to find a place to say your "I do's". With all of the wedding venue options available in the Okanagan, we thought we would share the Top 7 reasons to choose Keefer Lake Lodge as the place to celebrate your wedding. 1. A Private Lodge Located in a Pristine Lakeside Location When you arrive at ...

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Elevated Wine and Dine. Keefer Lake Lodge Invites You to Sip & Stay


Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge, where luxury meets the wilderness, excellent food meets great wine, and you meet your new favourite wine events. Keefer is turning up the wine and dine industry and offering its first ever Sip & Stay summer event series. The series will showcase some of the best wines from across the Okanagan Valley paired with the mo...

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It Ain't Easy Being Green - Life Off the Grid at Keefer Lake Lodge


Keefer Lake Lodge is located in a pristine mountain setting right next to Keefer Lake - the headwaters of the Kettle Valley river. This location has so many advantages - privacy, silence, beauty,  and being surrounded by nature. One of the challenges is that we are located completely off-grid. Meaning we have no access to power or all the serv...

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Dreaming of a Better Place


We are proud and excited to finally share the full length film - Dreaming of a Better Place. This was truly a labour of love. The tight, intimate crew that came together to tell this story, our story, really nailed it. From beautiful and creative filming to deep and dynamic story telling we are so happy to have this film out in the World. We hope y...

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Questions to Ask for Your Keefer Lake Lodge Wedding


When it comes to planning a wedding, it is important to do your research and ask the right questions when booking your vendors. Not only do you want your day to be exactly what you've dreamed of, but also want to ensure that it runs smoothly, with all your vendors coming together seamlessly. Booking your wedding venue will likely be one of the firs...

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What’s New at Keefer for the 2018/2019 Season

What’s New at Keefer for the 2018/2019 Season

Over the summer, while you were working on your tan, our crew was busy working up at Keefer. We’ve installed a new covered walkway connecting the Pinnacles Lodge to the Black Bear Lodge, built a new ski shop and massage room (we now have two massage therapists on site), refurbished the games room, upgraded our ski and snowboard demo fleet, and even improved our wine list. We've got more great rides from Skevik Skis, handcrafted in our backyard of Vernon, BC. We've also got Armadas, Atomics and some Rossi's. For Boards we've got Burtons, Capitas and Grassroots to name a few.


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New Snowcat Update December 3, 2017


Rogue 1, our new second Snowcat, is in full production.

The cabin is complete. We are going to start adding the cab's interior finishings like bucket seats with great back support and heated blowers to store and dry your gear as you travel to your next run.

Once complete, we are mounting the cab on a brand new Pisten Bully 400 Snow Cat.

You should come for a ride this winter.

Read more about our Snowcats.

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Catskiing - The Best Christmas Gift


Christmas came early here at Keefer Lake Catskiing.

We just received our brand new snowcat . . . AND Keefer Lake Lodge is now open.

Picture it: Amazing catski runs serviced by custom snow cat in the mountains by day, lunch and dinner prepared by our private chef. Warm up in the sauna with a drink in the evening, hot chocolate and a bonfire at night - all while staying in ridiculously comfortable lodgings. A guaranteed deep white Christmas of shredding the most incredible powder with your friends & family!

Party indoors with a games room and lounge with a hand crafted private bar, and gourmet kitchen staff ready for you.

Take advantage of the time off by booking into a brand new, exclusive, private, snow filled trip that you’ll talk about for years to come.

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New Snow Cat with Custom Cabin Has Arrived


Everything here at Keefer Lake Lodge has been in the works to create the best catskiing experience for our guests. The Lodge, the Cat Roads, staff & guides, trails, and now the biggest, baddest, sexiest, one of a kind snow cat cabin! From nose to tail this bad boy is the most unique piece of snow adventure hardware you’ll ever get yourself into! Mounted on a brand new Piston Bully 400 Snow Cat, it’s a ride that Jeff Gostlin has been preparing for nearly 20 years! Picturing the design, improving, perfecting, developing and manufacturing - and now it’s a reality!!

Let me break it down for you real simple:

It’s a fully custom-fabricated cabin featuring a long list of upgrades and creature comforts to ensure guests have the most memorable trip. The cabin entrance is at the back of the cat, not the side, and the cool set of retractable steps will make getting into the cabin a breeze.

BEFORE YOU GET IN. The unmistakeable Keefer Lake Lodge logo is emblazoned proudly on the side. Custom engineered gear storage racks fitted on the outside of the cabin - nothing gets mixed up and disorganized or lost! Even convenient enclosed storage outside the main cab for extra gear and supplies but accessible via hatch from inside the cab!

No one has to ride backwards! All custom embroidered seats face forward. Every guest rides, and relaxes, in their own bucket seat with great back support and a view in all directions. Above each seat is a cubby that features a heated blower to store and dry your gear as you travel to your next run. The cubby is big enough for your helmets and small gear so you won’t have to fumble with everything in your lap, keep it on, or have it sit on the floor.

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Lodge Nearing Completion

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Keefer Lake Lodge is almost complete!

Our good friend Paul Cotton stopped in for a visit yesterday and shared some photos of how the lodge is coming along. The BAR IS INCREDIBLE!

Notice the snow on the ground?

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Keefer Lake Green Initiative


One of the best things about Keefer Lake Lodge is the natural beauty around it. Jeff took a natural approach to all aspects lodge construction by limiting waste and using eco friendly products. Alongside the existing solar panels, beautiful stone patterning, and amazing handcrafted woodwork, Jeff Gostlin has been diligent in implementing the Keefer Lake Green Initiative to even the most detailed things. Some things that we didn’t think could be eco friendly.

The beautiful hand shaped, crafted, stained woodwork and beams are only one of the many impressive features at Keefer Lake Lodge. Did you know that our painters used a stain created through an environmentally friendly process and one that won’t break down into harmful residue? All the stain on Keefer Lake Lodge used water and modified oil based products from a company called Sansin. The product forms a bond directly with the wood while drying. The painters then applied a second product called Enviro-stain. It provides a beautiful finish while letting the wood breathe. The wood won’t crack or break down due to harsh chemicals.

The Keefer Lake Green Initiative includes both Jeff’s approach to where he got the products and the people to apply the stain. The painters were local Kelowna and Vernon residents who took sincere pride in what they were doing and it shows through their work. The paint used is all Canadian made and manufactured. Sansin is a Canadian company based out of Ontario and one of the only paint & stain manufacturers that creates eco-friendly products like Enviro-Stain and their line of environmentally-friendly stains and sealants.

The new Keefer Lake Lodge is not only one of the most beautiful places in the region. We also strive to be as eco friendly as possible thanks to the Keefer Lake Green Initiative.

Come Catskiing with us and see. :)

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Lodge Life - Alpaca Duvets


When I first sat down with Jeff Gostlin to discuss the potential for me to be part of Team Keefer Lake, I got extremely excited when he started speaking of his Green Initiative and how he sees Keefer Lake Lodge fitting within this amazing community of Cherryville, B.C. Canada.  Jeff had policies and procedures already in place to utilise and protect our natural resources, including the lake and water quality, support local business and employ local staff wherever possible. I could not be happier since these are all things that I support with my whole heart and am excited to help implement and foster.

I have a passion for local creations and all things Earth/environmentally/eco :) friendly.  Since moving to Cherryville 9 years ago, I have been blown away by all of the local talent.  This community can, and does, make everything! After joining Keefer Lake Catskiing, we started contacting artists, artisans and businesses to set up contracts locally for everything from bedding to cleaning products to the art that decorates our new lodge.  

The most recent decision was to use 100% organic alpaca bedding, made locally by Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Company

This company has been in operation since 1997 and they create a truly luxurious product. The alpacas live in a pesticide free environment where no chemicals, bleach or dyes are used in the processing of their wool.  With the inclusion of 100% organic cotton fibres, the entire product is bio-degradable at the end of it’s life.

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New Snow Cat with Custom Cabin


Keefer Lake Catskiing is extremely excited to be introducing our brand new snow cat and custom built cat cabin! We have a new lodge, brand new terrain, new cat roads, and now we’ve added a brand new cat to ensure our guests have a catski adventure they will never forget. It’s our inaugural year so we decided to do something really special – we’re purchasing a brand new Pisten Bully 400 snow cat and building a custom cat cabin. You’ve never seen let alone ridden in a cat cabin like this. This new machine is not your regular snow cat with a box.

For over 20 years Jeff Gostlin has been dreaming of building the ideal snow cat.

Can you say "pimped out ride”? Our new custom-fabricated cabin will feature a long list of upgrades and creature comforts. First off, the cabin entrance is at the back of the cat, not the side, and the cool set of retractable steps will make getting into the cabin a breeze.

But wait: It. Gets. Better! The front seating row is elevated from the rear 10 seats. Perched up front, these lucky guests will enjoy a 360 degree vista surrounded by glass. It will be like riding in the Observation Car.

Share your runs on the big screen! There will be a flat screen TV mounted up in front of the cab so you can show off those awesome photos and videos of the powder you just crushed. Ready to accept Bluetooth and hard wired too. Did we mention the sound system? We’ve made it super easy to sync a device to play music while you cruise to the top in the party cab!

With no exaggeration, this snow cat cabin is going to be the best available in all of Catskiing.

Book your trip to Keefer Lake Catskiing this winter and experience the Keefer difference.

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