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The Essential Guide to Catskiing across the Monashee Mountains

Off the beaten path, into powder paradise.

Are you ready for some fresh pow?! Because we are, and if you are anything like us and can't wait for your ski days, here is an important segue: everything you need to know before immersing yourself in the untamed paradise of mountains in the heart of British Columbia.

There are several things you can prepare for prior to your Catskiing adventure, including must-have items and physical conditioning. As you surround yourself with white through this exhilarating experience, you must be warmed up and ready to put those muscles to good use. We recommend getting a daily fitness routine in 2 months or several weeks before your booked Catskiing dates so you're in top condition for the alpine in all its glory. We also suggest plenty of days at your local ski resort to strengthen muscle memory!

What Should You Pack?

First and foremost, your skis and snowboards - no brainer there - if you are worried your skis aren't wide enough, no stress, we've got a fleet of high-quality equipment accessible to you at no additional cost. BOOTS in all caps because while we've got your back with skis and snowboards, we do not provide ski or snowboard boots. If you are flying in, it's best to pack your boots in your hand luggage in case your checked-in luggage goes missing or gets delayed on arrival. Next, your outerwear; it is helpful to dress in many layers. While the air is crisp and the snow is cool, all the physical exertion is bound to make you work up a sweat. Layers will help you regulate your body's coolness or warmth and ensure comfort. To keep you feeling extra toasty on your adventure, we've got heated Snowcats! That's not all; while you enjoy the magic of white on your ascension up the mountains, you can even put your gloves and helmets in designated warmers inside the Snowcats.

You'll also need to bring sunscreen for protection during sunshine-filled ski days. Remember to bring your biggest powder smiles, too! Although the experience will be unforgettable, our photographers help capture it with images included in the packages and options to purchase higher-resolution versions and prints. It's always nice to capture memories to show your friends back home all the endless pow you have been SHREDDING! As the sun takes its leave, it'll be time for your light packs in those backpacks to come on; they cast a surreal glow on the snow; talk about amping up the enchantment! Lastly, keep your feet warm and cozy inside the lodge with some slippers or indoor shoes and a bathing suit for our hot tub and sauna.

Safety Comes First!

The Monashee Mountains boast challenging slopes, and our team has everything planned for you to have a safe mountain holiday. Our arsenal includes a team of experienced and certified guides, avalanche packs, avalanche transceivers, safety training, and daily briefings. We prioritize an ego-free operating culture and have accredited members in professional guiding and avalanche awareness communities such as the Canadian Ski Guide Association (CSGA) and the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA). We also ensure equipment maintenance, safety, and first aid equipment on site and in all our Snowcats.

Snowy memories and warm hearts.

The Priceless Experience

Beyond the thrill of untouched powder, the Monashee Mountains offer an alluring encounter with nature while making turns in Keefer's famous treed lines. Take the time to soak in the natural beauty around you, with views of the towering Pinnacle mountains in the distance, and remember that this pristine wilderness is a privilege to explore!

Catskiing offers an unparalleled escape from the crowded slopes of traditional resorts, providing skiers with an exclusive experience. The appeal lies in the vast, untouched terrain, away from lift lines and bustling ski resorts. Catskiing unveils a pure wilderness encounter in the mountains where fresh powder stretches as far as the eye can see. The pure environment and absence of crowds will allow you to take in the serene beauty of the mountainous landscapes. Moreover, Catskiing unlocks access to diverse and challenging terrains, which makes for a satisfying trip whether you are a seasoned adventurer or just seeking a thrilling new experience.

It's time to get your gear in order and be prepared to paint memories on a frosty canvas. If you're ready to feel light, dry, and snow with no waiting times and no lift times, book your Catskiing adventure with Keefer Lake Lodge. Don't wait; shoulder season spots are still available, and a rare opportunity to secure a 4-day peak season tour Jan 2-6.
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