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Elevated Wine and Dine. Keefer Lake Lodge Invites You to Sip & Stay


Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge, where luxury meets the wilderness, excellent food meets great wine, and you meet your new favourite wine events. Keefer is turning up the wine and dine industry and offering its first ever Sip & Stay summer event series. The series will showcase some of the best wines from across the Okanagan Valley paired with the mo...

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It Ain't Easy Being Green - Life Off the Grid at Keefer Lake Lodge


Keefer Lake Lodge is located in a pristine mountain setting right next to Keefer Lake - the headwaters of the Kettle Valley river. This location has so many advantages - privacy, silence, beauty,  and being surrounded by nature. One of the challenges is that we are located completely off-grid. Meaning we have no access to power or all the serv...

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Dreaming of a Better Place


We are proud and excited to finally share the full length film - Dreaming of a Better Place. This was truly a labour of love. The tight, intimate crew that came together to tell this story, our story, really nailed it. From beautiful and creative filming to deep and dynamic story telling we are so happy to have this film out in the World. We hope y...

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The Benefits of Wellness Retreats for Anxiety

wellness retreat gathered by lake

It can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of day-to-day life, but how often do you take a step back and just relax. With the determination and drive of the 'hustle culture' that has become prevalent in society, making time for your own wellness and mental health can be challenging. While taking a day off of work to check items off of a perso...

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What You Need to Know Before Heli-Hiking


While hiking in the mountains can provide you with gorgeous views and accessible trails and paths, if you're looking to take your mountain hikes to the next level, then heli-hiking might be the perfect activity for you! Not only does heli-hiking provide you with access to trails and gorgeous alpine lakes that would be otherwise inaccessible by foot...

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Fun Games to Play at Your Next Keefer Lake Lodge Corporate Retreat

Keefer Lake Lodge corporate retreat games

Corporate retreats typically serve a few different purposes, the first being to get your team out of the office to interact with one another as people rather than coworkers, and the second being to look at business goals and objectives and plan for the future. While there should be business-related discussions and brainstorming sessions held during...

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Top Team-Building Activities for Your Next Corporate Retreat

Keefer Lake Lodge Corporate Retreat

One of the most important parts of your workplace is your team, which is why so many companies and businesses choose to take their employees on a corporate retreat. Whether it's an afternoon out of the office, or a weekend away as a company, there are lots of corporate retreat team-building activities that you can do to help bolster team spirit and...

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Questions to Ask for Your Keefer Lake Lodge Wedding


When it comes to planning a wedding, it is important to do your research and ask the right questions when booking your vendors. Not only do you want your day to be exactly what you've dreamed of, but also want to ensure that it runs smoothly, with all your vendors coming together seamlessly. Booking your wedding venue will likely be one of the firs...

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