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Fun Games to Play at Your Next Keefer Lake Lodge Corporate Retreat

Keefer Lake Lodge corporate retreat games

Corporate retreats typically serve a few different purposes, the first being to get your team out of the office to interact with one another as people rather than coworkers, and the second being to look at business goals and objectives and plan for the future. While there should be business-related discussions and brainstorming sessions held during a corporate retreat, it's just as important to have some fun and let loose a bit!

Deciding what games and activities to host during your next corporate retreat can be a daunting task, so we've put together a list of some fun games that you can play during your next corporate retreat at Keefer Lake Lodge! 

 Play Some Volleyball

If you're looking for a great group activity that will have everyone on your team working together, then why not plan a volleyball game or mini-tournament? It's not only a great way to encourage teamwork and collaboration, but it's also a fun way to add a bit of competition into your corporate retreat. Create teams based on departments or pull names from a hat to mix things up. Those who aren't able to play can cheer from the sidelines and keep score. 

 Test Your Trivia Knowledge

After a long day of strategizing and discussing ways to better your business, physical activity is likely going to be the last thing on people's minds. What better time than to put together a fun evening of trivia for your team to participate in while enjoying some drinks and unwinding from the day? There are endless options for trivia topics, and it can be a great way to get your team putting their heads together to try to come up with the correct answers. You can even add some stakes to the evening by offering up some cool company swag to the winning team. 

Paddleboard Relay 

Our lodge is located alongside Keefer Lake, which provides the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the water during your stay. It also gives you the opportunity to plan fun water-based games for your team, such as a paddleboard relay. Challenge your team to put their balance to the test and race against other teams to complete for some company swag. It is a great way to cool off and get some fresh air after a morning of discussing business and strategizing. It is also a great way to encourage teamwork and help bolster communication between your team members.

 Hiking Scavenger Hunt

Keefer Lake Lodge is surrounded by beautiful hiking trails, which allows the opportunity to put together a fun group hike and a scavenger hunt for your team. Not only will it allow everyone to stretch their legs and enjoy the stunning mountain views, but it will also have them working together to check items off of the scavenger hunt list! With so much nature surrounding the Lodge, you can task your team with searching for different plants and wildlife and taking photos of the items they spot to avoid interfering with the ecosystem around them.

Whether you're looking to focus on team-building activities or just want your team to get together and have a good time, these games and activities are a great place to start when building an itinerary for your next corporate retreat! 

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