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The Ultimate Guide to Après-ski at Keefer Lake Lodge: What to Expect and Why You'll Love it!

A day on the slopes is always a day worth celebrating

If you have spent any time skiing or snowboarding down a slope, then you have probably experienced après-ski. This post-ski culture is celebrated across the globe and ranges from a fancy wine and fondue affair in the Swiss Alps to an all-night party at a bar in the Colorado Rockies. At Keefer, we scrutinize over the details and have blended the best aspects of different après-ski customs with our unique Keefer flavour to create an unforgettable post-ski soiree.

So, what's the secret that makes Keefer's après-ski so exceptional that some suggest it's almost as good as the Catskiing day itself?!

The Après Ski Patio Party

At Keefer, the après-ski starts as soon as the cat returns to the lodge. Arriving back at base, you'll feel like a rockstar hitting the red carpet, stepping out of the snowcat and straight into the freshest patio party in the Monashee Mountains. The tunes are rocking, the bonfire is blazing, and the smell of hand-stretched pizza cooking in the wood-fired Forno oven is wafting through the air.

Patio vibes

The Après Ski Instructor

There's no need to hit the lockers just yet; one of our staff will be ready and waiting to offer up a warm scented face towel to freshen up with and uncover that pow-eating grin you've got from your phenomenal day of Catskiing so you can belly-up to the bar and grab yourself a cold one. The bartender – a.k.a the "Après ski-instructor" – will be waiting to satisfy your parched palette with a refreshing libation, whether it's a glass of our own private-label wines or Keefer-branded brews.

Sip, savor, and embrace the chill. Cozy vibes and frosty views await!

The Après Ski Brews, Bites & Banter

The vibe is all about kicking back and relaxing after a great day, and it's a perfect time to swap stories or reminisce over those epic powder stashes discovered. But keep that confidence in check, as your buddies might recall that hilarious yard sale you did or how you forgot your radio in the morning and held the whole cat up, and then you might find yourself being nominated for a shot-ski. That's right; we like to honour some of the finest slopeside traditions around here.

It's all about celebrating with friends

Be sure to pace yourself with the delectable pizza slices because our servers will be nimbly roaming around, ready to tempt you with a variety of canapes freshly crafted by the culinary team, and you'll definitely want to try them all.

Small bites, big delights!

Once you've had your fill of brews, bites, and banter on the patio, the options are open to enjoy the evening how you like. If you're digging the fireside feels and want to hang out longer, fill your boots! We'll keep the flames fed and the playlist streaming for you and your crew to enjoy.

The Après Ski Relax & Recharge

As any seasoned shredder knows, once you hang up the goggles and Gortex after your Catski run, it's time to sport the trunks and robes and hit the hot tub. So, dip in and soak away any tension from the day while taking in the snow-covered landscape and the stellar night sky.

Our outdoor hot tub offers the perfect blend of relaxation and aaahhhhhh

Fancy something a little on the dryer side? The Scandinavian-inspired wood sauna will be fired up and warmed to temp for basking in that therapeutic heat. It is the perfect way to detox and relieve any aches and pains after a big day of plowing powder, with space to stretch out and let the heat sink in.

Rejuvenate body and soul après-ski in our sauna retreat

If you need a little more attention on those weary ski muscles, make sure to sign up for a treatment from one of our massage practitioners. Their skillful hands know how to soothe the tightest of tissues and send you into blissful relaxation.

Ready to indulge? Elevate your après-ski experience with a massage.

The Après Ski Competition

If the spa is not your scene - or you've been tubbing so long that Disney will be calling you at any moment to body double for Darth Sidious in the next saga - Keefer has other options for some post-ski R&R. Grab a buddy and head down to the games room to shoot some pool, play a few rounds of darts or test your reflexes on the foosball table. You might even want to brush up on your Crud skills so you can dominate in one of our famous post-dinner tournaments.

Rack 'em up and let the good times roll! Gather your crew for some unforgettable memories.

The Après Ski Arm-Chair Warrior

If you're craving low-key lounge ambiance, head on up to the Twisted Post Bar and see what the bartender can imagine up to please your tastebuds. Our talented mixologists can construct a creative blend or perfect your favourite cocktail/mocktail and regale you with a tale or two. Sink into one of the lounge's armchairs and imbibe the glow from the fireplace. This is the perfect place to unwind and have a moment to yourself or to make a call home.

Grab a seat. Here's to good company and unforgettable moments.

No matter which routes you journeyed down for your après indulgence, when the swing of the bell signals it's time for dinner, you will be landing at the table relaxed, recharged, and ready to relish in the feast ahead.

Après-ski awaits! Don't be late!

The après-ski scene at Keefer is vibrant, with a wide range of activities and amenities to suit every taste and mood. Whether you want to unwind with a soothing massage, take a dip in the hot tub, or simply relax by the cozy fireplace, Keefer Lake Lodge has got you covered. So don't waste any more time searching for the perfect winter "snowcation." Come to Keefer Lake Lodge and experience the ultimate Catskiing getaway in the Kootenays!

Live your powder dreams at Keefer Lake Lodge

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