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Keefer Lake vs. The Rest: What Sets Our Catskiing Apart in BC's Winter Landscape

Beginning of the journey

It's no surprise that Catskiing offers the potential for unparalleled powder adventures. As snow enthusiasts flock to the region year after year, drawn by the prospect of untouched powder and breathtaking scenery, Keefer Lake Lodge emerges as a rare gem, setting itself apart from the rest.

With over 20 years of guiding experience in BC's backcountry, Jeff Gostlin, Owner of Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge, has curated all the finest details from his pursuit to customize his Catski operation. Through his experience, he has handpicked every aspect of Keefer Lake Lodge, from personalized bagged lunches and hot coffee & tea to bumpin' tunes and skylights in the cat cab. Jeff has learned there is no cruising altitude at Keefer, and he is always dreaming of ways to enhance the guest experience.

So, why should you choose Keefer Lake Lodge for Catskiing?

They say, 'It's the journey, not the destination, that matters'; at Keefer, we strive to deliver on both, and we do that with our badass snowcats. These beauties are not just run-of-the-mill groomers that you have seen at your local ski resort; our snowcats are built out differently with so many spec features to make for the ultimate ride. So, give us a moment to let you in on the not-so-secret assets that help us fulfill your dreams of fresh pow in the heart of BC. 

The machines

We have two PistenBully 400's which if you are in-the-know, means that they are each a beast of a machine that can handle climbing the gnarliest of terrain. Not only will they get you back up to the top of the mountain so you can keep crushing laps all day, but they also provide ultimate comfort for your ascent. The cats are also kitted-out with plenty of storage spaces to keep your gear safely stashed and occasionally has extra room for a few sets of skis and boards just in case you want to try out a selection from our premium rental fleet.

Your ride

You ski hard, and these cat cabins were custom-made to ensure maximum comfort while you're heading back up the mountain to find the next sweet line. None of those cold aluminum bench seats that some cats have; each rider faces forward and gets their own plush leather bucket seat to sink into while they warm up with all the heaters, keeping things toasty. "But I run hot!" you say. No problem. The expansive windows are not just great for taking in views of the frosty glades and majestic Monashee mountains; they can all open up to cool off or air out when things get a little steamy. These cats even feature a kickin' sound system so you can hum (or belt out) your favorite tunes on the ride. Do you have a great playlist that will keep everyone stoked between pow turns? Bring it! You can connect to the system and live out all your DJ fantasies between runs. 

All smiles and good vibes inside our cozy cabin

The Staff

It's probably already evident that these cats are going to be quite the trip and more than just a little fun. But all this awesome doesn't just come from heavy-duty engines or high-end components; it takes a crew to make this magic happen, and Keefer considers that to be the most crucial element to the cat experience. From the driver (a.k.a. the snow-ffeur) to the photographer and the guiding team, all are a contingent of industry professionals that are hand-picked based on their combined abilities to ensure safety, find the best possible riding & skiing, and have a blast along the way. Even though they are all about safety on the snow and inside the cat, their keen hospitality and good humour are second to none and make for a fantastic atmosphere all day long.  

It's all about the people

But wait, there's more!

There's one more element that makes this cat experience truly outstanding, and that's you! Our guests are all part of creating the special vibes that are extremely palatable when stepping into one of our epic mountain roamers. Everyone's excitement and passion for the powder is a shared journey, and it's only as great as the people who come to participate in it authentically. So, if you are ready to co-create an extraordinary adventure that will leave you with indelible memories of pure winter bliss, Keefer Lake Lodge is your destination.

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