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All the Reasons Your Next Corporate Retreat Should Be at Keefer Lake Lodge

Break a sweat and get those endorphins flowing!

Corporate retreats are the most sought-after out-of-office event to help boost belonging and connection and break free from the mundane mindset formed from working too hard and not playing hard enough. Do you feel like you are tired of rinsing and repeating similar styles of corporate retreats—aka, a bunch of team members in an indoor setting, either being bored at a seminar or enduring an awkward bonding activity? In that case, it's time to entice you with a corporate getaway in the mountains!

There are two main segues when we think of corporate getaways. Firstly, team-building focused activities for stronger communication and rapport. Secondly, mindset-based retreats aimed to reset, renew, and motivate team members, enabling them to be more productive. This often involves training-based seminars and strategizing sessions.

Whether you'd like your corporate retreat to have a team-building focus or a wind-down and train focus, we can accommodate either! Below are the top reasons why you'd be making the best decision by letting us be your gracious hosts, along with some of the hottest activities that'll leave your team wanting every day to feel like a corporate retreat. 

The Tempting Offer

Allowing serenity to take the reigns

We know you're thinking, 'slim chance that's happening,' so let's paint a picture for you. Keefer Lake Lodge is a stunning property nestled in the Monashees, boasting lush mountains, a pristine alpine lake, and plenty of amenities. From learning and discussing strategy to unwinding and relaxing, we've got the ideal space for you.

Refresh Your Senses & Let the Team Spirit Soar

Enjoy breathtaking views, rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

The lodge is seamlessly designed to connect the indoors with the outdoors, so if the need of the hour is to get some innovative juices flowing and some inspirational thoughts going, we can make it happen. The space can be set up for meetings, strategizing sessions, and seminars, complete with a floor-to-ceiling rock fireplace to ensure comfort on those chilly days.

Here are some activities if you plan on having a strategy and wellness retreat:

1. Yoga & Meditation

Your minds and bodies need a reset to be productive and not succumb to stress. The most effective way of tackling this is usually intentional deep breathing and stretching exercises. At Keefer Lake Lodge, you can treat yourself to an exquisite view at the foot of the lake while you channel your zen.

2. Brainstorming Session

Wearing your thinking hats just got easier with our indoor event space equipped with seating and screening arrangements. Even better, you can feel the outdoors through our timber-framed windows that liven up the room.

3. Sunrise Hike

Being out in the morning sun is healthy and good for the soul. A hike combined with being surrounded by soft orange and yellow hues will energize your team for the following day's events.

4. Warmth & Words

Shake off the hustle and bustle of work with some open-hearted conversations around a crackling bonfire. Encourage the team to share what has been occupying their thoughts, favourite achievements, things they are thankful for, hurdles overcome, and if they wish for any changes. Lighter minds will result in a successful retreat and renewed productivity.

When all the heavy-duty conversations have been had, and the wellness meter has shot up, it might be time to let those competitive spirits break free and strengthen some bonds. What better way to do that than immersing yourselves in some games on our breathtaking landscape?

Whether that involves an adrenaline-boosting hike in the picturesque mountains or racing across the glistening lake water in a kayak, we can guarantee nothing short of an invigorating experience.

Here's a list of activities that will pique your interest:

1. Human Foosball

If you've ever played regular foosball, you know the thrill of it. The life-sized version will surely knock your socks off. We have a custom set-up for human foosball that will make all those aspiring goalies and center-forwards in your team's dreams come true. It's a great activity to boost coordination and team spirit alike.

2. Axe Throwing

After discussing organizational aims and objectives, this activity will give aiming for the bullseye a literal meaning; it's a unique way of training hand-eye coordination and improving focus. Split your group into two teams that can compete against each other while strengthening concentration and unity.

3. Pedal Boat Racing

Split up into groups of two and glide across the lake to secure your victory. This activity is a must for bond-building in pairs of people who don't work together often during their daily work routine. The cool and calm lake forms the perfect setting for planning winning strategies.

After all that muscle crunching, treat yourselves to our soothing outdoor hot tub or release those toxins in our Scandinavian sauna.

Leave It in Our Hands

All you have to do is make the call to hold your corporate retreat at our lodge situated near Cherryville (a beautiful drive from anywhere in the Okanagan or Kootenays, by the way), and we can take care of the rest. Our dedicated team will help coordinate and set up your team-building activities so you can let loose and get rid of any worries. A solid plan and a selection of delectable cuisine sounds like the perfect recipe for creating unforgettable memories.

Don't postpone the rejuvenation that has your name on it; we have spots filling up quicker than you can say summer escape, and we're even taking reservations for the summer of 2024!

Contact us now to secure your place and have a custom-designed package for your and your team's needs. Prepare to give 'R&R' a fresh meaning after a holistic experience at Gostlin's Keefer Lake Lodge.

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