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New Snow Cat with Custom Cabin Has Arrived


Everything here at Keefer Lake Lodge has been in the works to create the best catskiing experience for our guests. The Lodge, the Cat Roads, staff & guides, trails, and now the biggest, baddest, sexiest, one of a kind snow cat cabin! From nose to tail this bad boy is the most unique piece of snow adventure hardware you’ll ever get yourself into! Mounted on a brand new Piston Bully 400 Snow Cat, it’s a ride that Jeff Gostlin has been preparing for nearly 20 years! Picturing the design, improving, perfecting, developing and manufacturing - and now it’s a reality!!

Let me break it down for you real simple:

It’s a fully custom-fabricated cabin featuring a long list of upgrades and creature comforts to ensure guests have the most memorable trip. The cabin entrance is at the back of the cat, not the side, and the cool set of retractable steps will make getting into the cabin a breeze.

BEFORE YOU GET IN. The unmistakeable Keefer Lake Lodge logo is emblazoned proudly on the side. Custom engineered gear storage racks fitted on the outside of the cabin - nothing gets mixed up and disorganized or lost! Even convenient enclosed storage outside the main cab for extra gear and supplies but accessible via hatch from inside the cab!

No one has to ride backwards! All custom embroidered seats face forward. Every guest rides, and relaxes, in their own bucket seat with great back support and a view in all directions. Above each seat is a cubby that features a heated blower to store and dry your gear as you travel to your next run. The cubby is big enough for your helmets and small gear so you won’t have to fumble with everything in your lap, keep it on, or have it sit on the floor.

Y’all like looking at mountains? We’ve got large windows along the side of this cab with their own defog system!

What’s the point of riding in the mountains if you can’t check out the view!? Now you have a full view on either side of the cat. The front seating row is elevated from the rear 10 seats. Perched up front, guests will enjoy a 360 degree vista with plenty of outside view. It’s pretty much like riding in an Observation Car.

Party Cab? WHY NOT?

A large flat screen TV is mounted in the cab, with bluetooth connectivity, so you can mount and share the videos of your runs while waiting for your next one! Need tunes? A bluetooth connected audio system can pump your favourite jams directly from your phone! Bubba kegs filled with - coffee and hot chocolate - sitting next to the audio system so you can enjoy a beverage between runs.

Have the most exclusively unique and memorable catskiing adventure this season: BOOK WITH KEEFER LAKE LODGE TODAY!



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