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From Colorado with Love - well traveled skiers visit Keefer Lake Lodge for the first time


This past winter, I joined some family and friends who had decided to venture off and try a relatively new Catskiing operation called Keefer Lake Lodge (KLL). We had seen some videos and articles that spoke favorably about Keefer Lake and decided to see what all the buzz was about. Between us, we've all been to numerous cat, heli and backcountry operations (Wiegele, Chatter Creek, Last Frontier, Snowwater, Valhalla Powdercats, Mustang, Big Red Cats, Skeena, etc) and have quite an experience base to compare against. So, we were wondering whether all the buzz about this new operation was hype or "on target".

I'm pleased to report that Keefer Lake Lodge—located in the interiors of British Columbia—lived up to all the hype. From the moment we arrived, we were unbelievably well taken care of. The staff were attentive, hardworking and extremely client focused. They all went out of their way to make us feel welcome and see what they could do to help make sure we had a wonderful time. That same treatment extended throughout our stay and it soon became evident that customer service is a key part of the Keefer culture and something that they take very seriously.

We were also super impressed by the quality of the dining experience. Our meals were delicious and the staff went to great efforts to accommodate individual dining needs/preferences. Whether it was a hearty breakfast offering, custom lunches in the field or 5 star dining experiences at night; the cuisine exceeded our expectations. And for those that enjoy their wine, there's a world class wine cellar to choose from and the staff were super helpful with good suggestions that paired well with the meals.

Food and hospitality aside, we were all super excited to try all the terrain that is resident in this tenure. After all, this is really what we came to Gostlin's Keefer Lake Lodge for. We quickly discovered that there's something there for everyone. If you're keen to ski the trees, there's some wonderful terrain that protects snow long after the most recent storm. If you live to ski steeps and expert terrain, there's plenty of that to sample while you're there. And, if you live to ski wide open bowls and high alpine terrain, there's plenty of that too. In fact, once our guides got familiar with the group and its ability level, we got to sample a little bit of everything and discovered that the tenure was skiing very well considering the fact that it hadn't snowed in quite a number of days.

We were also treated to a couple of beautiful blue-sky days where you could literally see forever. The surrounding terrain in the Monashee Mountains is beyond beautiful. There are several local ranges in the Okanagan region that make you believe you are right in the middle of Little Switzerland. They are breathtaking and serve as a perfect backdrop for a few epic ski days. And to make things even better, the snowcats are so well outfitted and super comfortable too.

We were also very impressed by our guiding team. Once they got a handle on the ability level that existed in our group, they tried their best to make sure we all got to ski the kinds of terrain that we all relish. That's never an easy task; especially when it hasn't snowed for a while. But, the KLL guides pulled off this feat of magic without beating an eyelash.

While I could continue on and talk about the fabulous apres ski hour, the wonderful hot tub and sauna or the game room where we could gather and enjoy ourselves --- I'll just close by saying that we all enjoyed ourselves immensely and almost felt like extended members of the Gostlin family. There's no question that we'll return and with any luck at all, it will be right in the middle of a major powder storm. But new snow aside, Keefer is definitely a place you need to visit and experience before it becomes impossible to get into.

Thanks to Jeff, Dave, Nicole, Levi, Coach, Loki the Tail Guide and all the rest of the staff at Keefer Lake Lodge that made our visit so special. We look forward to making some even better memories with you next time.

Mike & Sharon Ricci
Evergreen, CO

Mike & Jeananne James
Morrison, CO

Steve & Kay Birdsell
Scottsdale, AZ

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